Windows Wakes Up SpontaneouslyEdit

Some users have reported that they put their XPS 15 to 'sleep' and later discover that it has woken back up and is working on something.  There are a few possible causes:

  • Using Intel Smart Connect in combination with either sleeping your system (not hibernating it) or using Intel Rapid Start can cause the system to wake up on its own.  That is by design because of what Intel Smart Connect is designed to do.  Smart Connect can be disabled either in its application (of the same name) or in the BIOS.  You may also wish to disable Rapid Start (more on this below)
  • Wake timers may be enabled in Power Options.  Wake timers allow tasks configured in Task Scheduler (including things like updating anti-virus definitions) to wake up the system in order to execute.  They are disabled by default, but this is managed under Control Panel > Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Change Advanced Settings > Sleep.
  • Wake on USB may be enabled in the BIOS.  This is particularly likely to be the cause of unexpected wakeups if you have a wireless mouse receiver plugged into your USB port, because if you put your system to sleep and then nudge your wireless mouse (perhaps while picking it up to switch it off and put it into your bag if you're taking your laptop with you), the receiver will detect that signal and wake your system back up.

Windows fails to wake up from hibernationEdit

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