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Default bios screen of the XPS 15 9530

This page is to discuss changes in the XPS 15 9530 BIOS / UEFI or any discussion related to unlocking the BIOS / UEFI. 

Firmware A01Edit

The changelog for this firmware indicated that the purpose of this firmware was to "Update Installer".  It's uncertain what installer was updated with this firmware.  Although A01 was the current BIOS firmware as of December 2013, XPS 15 owners should check Dell's driver download page from time to time to ensure that they are running the latest BIOS.

Unlocking the BIOS / UEFI to expose hidden menusEdit

A number of advanced internal Intel BIOS menu options can be unlocked in the BIOS. They allow fine control over voltages, MSR 0x02 locks and GFX/GPU settings.

The procedure is described here.